Your Medical ID No Longer Needs To Brand You As Just Another Stat

admin personalized medical id bracelets

personalized medical id bracelets

You are already a stat, so why make it even drearier than it has to be. You’ve already got your social security card, and you need that for obvious reasons. Yes, it does record your name but it still records you as just another stat in the system. You get equal treatment wherever you go. They say that that seems fair but then again, whatever happened to being a unique individual and being treated accordingly.

You’ve done your bit to make yourself stand out, so wouldn’t it be nice to receive the recognition. Well, you know how it is, everyone’s pretty much preoccupied and they’ve all got their own big fish to fry. Some have more serious problems than others to think about. Like getting really sick on the way to work in the morning. Will someone catch them when they fall? Yes, just as long as the poor sick individual is wearing his or her dog tag.

What a way to treat people. The tag is unfortunately necessary. It marks you out if you happen to be suffering from an acute illness or disease and whoever is first on the scene will know what to do next. Make things easier for yourself and for the next Good Samaritan by equipping yourself with personalized medical id bracelets. In times of crisis and emergency, you can establish a friendly first name basis right away.

The person that’s helping you out can treat you as though he’s known you all your life. But more importantly; all important medical information is recorded. You can list every single illness and allergy along with your entire medical history on this single bracelet. The details can be chipped in and accessed when you reach the EMS.