Ultrasounds Are for More Than Pregnancy

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The technology related to ultrasounds is an intricate and awe-inspiring aspect of medicine. Most people don’t encounter ultrasounds until they are pregnant and hoping to see the little one growing inside them. However, the world of medicine uses ultrasounds for a lot more than seeing a growing fetus.

What Organs Can You See With an Ultrasound?

There are several organs that can be viewed and issues discovered using the power of the ultrasound. Those organs include the heart, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, testicles, abdomen and pancreas. In addition to during pregnancy, the ultrasound can be used to view the ovaries, uterus and bladder to make sure the female reproductive organs and the bladder are all healthy and without tumors.

Why Use High Resolution?

The high resolution ultrasound is the best option for an ultrasound because it is the highest quality and provides the most accurate representation of your organs. This type of ultrasound ensures that any potential issues can be seen and addressed in a timely manner. This type of ultrasound is the most efficient and accurate type available in the medical world currently.

high resolution ultrasound

Where Can I get a High Resolution Ultrasound?

The traditional ultrasound may be available at medical facilities and even some doctors’ offices. However, the high resolution ultrasound usually involves a referral to a professional company that focuses on the administration of medical imaging services. These offices are not located at a medical facility, although they may or may not be in the same complex or nearby in the neighborhood. The doctor that refers you can help you get directions or a contact number for the facility and the best way to reach the facility from your home or work.

The process is painless and does not take long. The answers provided by this process are well worth the chill of the gel used and the time spent gaining a better understanding of an internal issue.