From The Factory Floor To The Medicine Chest, Why Packaging Properly Is Necessary

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It is so necessary that it is written in law. Not just your country but around the world. Never mind the critical medical supplies and implements but most damaged goods, when noticed by port authorities will simply be quarantined. In the case of medical packaging a form of compulsory quarantining will be in place in any case.  This is just part and parcel of an extensive process of ensuring that no medicines, medical supplies and instruments are harmed or subject to harm.

It is only after a full series of inspections have been completed that a stamp of approval is given. The safely packaged medical goods are certified safe for transportation inland. But it did not begin there, nor does it end there. Go all the way back to the factory floor. Go even further back to the laboratory. And leave the premises entirely. No staff member or professional is allowed to handle such sensitive goods if they have not undergone their compulsory training to do with safety and security.

It thereafter becomes a matter of routine for practitioners employed within the health services manufacturing segments to work with vigilance. No packaged material leaves the factory premises until such time as the full spectrum of quality assurance and safety measurements have been completed. By the time sensitive goods reach its destination, procedures to do with checking for bio-hazards, tampering and displacement are repeated once more.

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And by the time it reaches your medicine chest, the checking for safety should not end, never mind that you have never received proper and legally mandated training before. No matter how efficient the system is, and while this is inexcusable, cracks can still show and you could be an unwitting victim.