New and Advanced Treatments in Sports Medicine

admin February 19, 2018

It is no doubt that sports players, especially the professionals, are more prone to serious injuries than the rest of us. The types of injuries they face can be severe and even disabling. If the sport is someone’s career, then they will be compromised for a significant period of time if they are injured. Most of the treatments available do take a long time to recover from. It is all a matter of the method used to correct the injuries with a goal of doing this in the shortest amount of time possible.

It has been a reality for some time that new treatments have been explored and are now available. There is a special kind of treatment now and it is called “Platelet Rich Plasma” treatment, also known as “PRP.” This involves the transfer of blood plasma which has been enhanced with more blood platelets and this induces a faster rate of healing than one would normally attain. The clinics offering prp Florida services to deliver the treatments are right nearby. The results of healing from injuries is much faster than without the method alone.

This therapy has also been shown to help with other non-sports related injuries. For example, one interesting aspect is that it can treat erectile dysfunction. The treatments work so well for healing tissues because they help increase the blood flow, blood vessels, and flow of oxygen and nutrients to an area.

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This results in a stimulation of certain growth factors that can heal muscles, bone, tendons, and other tissues. New veins and arteries can even be regrown in small areas. Who knows where it will all go from here? Even further advancements will be made as this interesting therapy is explored further. With tissue being healthily regrown now, we could hit the next new treatments at any time.